Think of the most intriguing shape you can imagine for your expo display.
ISOframe Wave can fit that shape — and then easily transform into yet another design layout.

ISOframe Wave Display

Do you need an expo display …

  • With curving lines and product display areas?
  • In the shape of teardrop with a TV screen and tables?
  • That includes a storeroom?

One ISOframe Wave system can adapt to fit any of these ideas and more.


Thanks to the patented Flexi-Wave link, each panel is strong and flexible — and ready to hold all your amazing expo display concepts.

With ISOframe Wave you can:

  • Flex your entire graphic wall into any shape
  • Adjust the shape of your expo display to fit the booth
  • Extend or reduce your display without reprinting graphics
  • Attach a wide range of accessories
  • Include free-standing rooms in your design

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Key Features of the ISOframe Wave

Flexi-Link Technology

Every panel bends up to 180 degrees

Accessories Galore

Holds shelves, displays, doors and more

Shape Shifting

Reconfigures easily and instantly

Infinite Adaptability

Works again and again and again

Portable Design

Easy to ship through your courier

Counter Space

Includes a carrying case that transforms into a counter

Tool-Free Assembly in Six Easy Steps

With nothing more than two hands, you can quickly and easily build the world’s first fully flexible display booth.

ISOframe Wave Images

ISOFrame Wave 3x3 Display - RTAA
BIO Hawk ISOframe Wave
Kennards Hire Ausrail ISOframe Display
Intrim ISOframe Wave Expo Display - Tower
Kennards Expo - ISOframe
CSM ISOframe wave Display
ISOframe Wave Selenium
ISOFrame Wave 4x3 Exhibition Display
11 Panel ISOframe Wave
ISOFrame wave 4x2
ISOframe E-Arionic Display
ISOframe Wave Erez
Mortlock ISOframe-Wave
ISOFrame Wave Capeb
ISOframe Blanc Expo Display
Intrim ISOframe Wave Expo Display
ISOFrame Display
RUD Isoframe Wave System
Givex ISOframe Fabric-Wave System