Impress with the luxurious look of fabric — and set up your display booth 15 times faster than conventional tension fabric frameworks.

ISOFrame Fabric

Anyone who’s seen more than a few trade show displays knows one key fact: There’s just something special about fabric. Like art on a canvas, seamless fabric displays look sophisticated and alluring. They catch your eye and make an impact.

When we created ISOframe Fabric, we wanted to go far beyond the typical fabric exhibits. So, we combined state-of-the-art printing, an elegantly engineered framework and silicone-edged fabric to create some of the most stunning trade show displays you’ve ever seen.

With ISOframe Fabric you can:

  • Create huge, seamless graphics
  • Build any size wall you need
  • Enjoy our lightest, most portable trade show display
  • Fold or crumple the fabric and still look great
  • Build your stand without leveling
  • Attach media screens and literature holders to suit your design

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No matter how you use ISOframe Fabric — from a small feature wall to a massive, freestanding display booth — your brand will benefit from the undeniable beauty of fabric.

Key ISOframe Fabric Features

Copy of Silicone-Edged Fabric

Silicone-Edged Fabric

Seamless Displays

Streamlines your exhibit with one flawless image

Copy of Gorgeous Graphics

Features the unique beauty of well-printed fabric

Size Flexibility

Works for everything from small displays to 100-foot walls

Extreme Portability

Packs down into our smallest, lightest cases

No Leveling

Sets up perfectly, even on uneven floors

Tools-Free Assembly in Six Quick Steps

Assembling your ISOframe Fabric is as simple as snapping together a rectangular frame and sliding the fabric into its edge. You’ll be done 15 times faster than with a traditional fabric display booth — and without a single tool.

ISOframe Fabric Gallery

Dynapac 3x3 ISOFrame Fabric
Atlas Air ISOframe Fabric Display | Quantum Marketing
Dish - ISOframe Fabric Expo Display
PCI ISOframe Fabric Display 3x3
OGP ISOframe Fabric Display 3 Sided
Givex ISOframe Fabric-Wave System
ISOframe Fabric
Swift Delivery ISOframe Fabric 2x6 Display
Natio ISOFrame Fabric Wall
JCB Display - ISOframe Fabric
Natio ISOFrame Fabric Wall
Natio ISOFrame Fabric Wall