We are not just “another one of those fly-by-night promotional companies…!”

You, as a marketing manager or leader want to be recognised for who you are, spend your time at work doing things that will get you to the top of your position and spend less time chasing suppliers and pricing.

Helping you achieve the statement above is what gets us out of bed each morning! It just so happens that we sell promotional products!
We have the experience and guts to recognise that you are a smart marketer who knows and understands the importance of promotional products within your company.

Whether you use them for;

  • Welcoming new staff and recruiting,
  • Making the right first impression with new prospects,
  • Thanking loyal clients after an order
  • Increasing brand presence at a trade show, or
  • Competition prizes for marketing campaigns.

You know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to branded merchandise for your situations.

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The values we work to

  1. Honesty - We tell it like it is: We know that you are smart, so we don’t try and pretend that we have any better products or ideas than any other promotional supplier. We all have access to the same manufacturers and factories.
  2. Respect - We understand that time is valuable to you and you have a lot to get done in a day – we make sure you aren’t waiting around for days for quotes. And once an order is placed, we have a system we follow that keeps you up to date with the progress and final delivery.
  3. Creativity - We know that you understand your business and market the best – so we don’t force you to buy new gimmicks and quirky products that get used once and then forgotten about. What we will do is work with you if you have the time and budget to create something truly unique from scratch with our network of reliable and quality controlled, overseas factories.

Just a quick email to let you know that we have received the Beanies and they look AMAZING! 
Thank you so much for organising these for us, couldn’t be happier with customer service, turn around time and product quality! 
Siri Akre - Black Duck

So what is the process we follow?

  1. We give you access to hundreds of thousands of products that can all be branded – this is a standard with all promo companies so we have to include this, but we realise that you know what works best for your company so will mostly rely on your requests.
  2. Quotes back within 4h – if it involves pricing through our overseas factories this will be longer, but you will be told exactly how long you will need to wait.
  3. Smart and fast online quotes that let you select and approve the exact items you want with a few clicks. No pdf printouts or long and confusing email chains.
  4. Job status update emails - Once the quote is approved and we have your logo/artwork, your job will be entered into our system and you will get an email informing you of the status.
  5. Smart and fast proofing system on the same platform as the quote. Online and easy to sign off with a few clicks or request changes.
  6. Deposit payment made before job proceeds to production - Easy payment options including online credit card or EFT.
  7. Every time your job status changes you will receive an email letting you know what it’s up to and the next step.
  8. Delivery is made and final payment requested.
  9. You will then receive a call to make sure the job was as expected and be asked the following:
    1. Feedback on the job and process,
    2. A testimonial for our website and/or social media
    3. If you have someone you would like to refer to us. (This is provided you have been entirely satisfied with your experience with us!)

In Summary

With every quote request and order, we follow a tightly managed system to make sure nothing falls through the cracks from the beginning right through to completion. Our system is flexible so when processes change, or special requests are given – we adjust to suit.

We are small enough to be flexible and large enough to give you the cost savings and reliability you expect.

Just like any decent promotional company does – we also offer the online shop platform where we can show all your merchandise in one easy to access site.

This gives you and your branches controlled access to approved promo and depending on how you set it up can be warehoused so orders are shipped the same day.

We put this methodology together because we were sick and tired of hearing clients telling us they were frustrated by promo companies who took days to get quotes back. Angry that companies kept pushing new gimmicks onto them all the time. Disappointed that once the order was placed the “account manager” suddenly disappeared and they had to constantly follow them up to find out what was happening with their order. And finally – upset that in some cases they cant even talk to a human because it’s all “online”!

So know you know how we work, and why we do what we do – we trust you will make the right decision next time you are on the lookout for promotional product and give us a call on 1800 288 029 or email your account manager or the team at [email protected]

We look forward to impressing you soon!